Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh Friend

Dear blog ,,

Here's the story where me myself and Yong sit together and talk about crappy things
It was the day where we managed to speak out
Because kalau hari lain ,neither of us manage to talk as fizah will do the talking .Hehe (Sorry fizah but true that !:P)

One day as Yong and I were walking to HS Cafe ,we saw satu friendly girl yang sangatlah familiar
I was staring at her but my mind wasn't there
Kire macam unintentionally staring at her lah :DDD
She was texting with err of course lah tataw dgn sape kan !aiyoo

What came across my mind is that why is she still texting her boyfriend when everybody knows that her boyfie is one of UIA students as well
Then the thought that can't wait to get out of my mind ,keluarlah dengan bangganya

And the conversation goes .........
Nuns :Cuba kau tengok budak tu Yong .Bukan ke boyfriend die pun budak UIA .Kenape die masih busy texting boyfriend die .Kalau tak takan tersenyum-2 macam tu .Tak buring ke kalau dah tiap hari jumpe then nak text lagi .Ape agaknye yang dorg borakkan ek ?
*Busy Body gile tak ingat .Memang pun !Hihik :">*
Yongsie :ish nun ni .Mestilah die nak tanye makan kt mane hari ni .Dah name pun boyfriend girlfriend .Dah kencing ke belum pun blh tanya taw
Nuns :Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ...(tiada penghujung)

Yong Yong ....That was funny gile !
I didn't expect that answer datang dari kau
And I laughed my ass off
Such lawak was really brilliant to make me think about other couples
I wonder if it's for real lah kan the girl'd ask that type of question
If it's true ,I think it's stupid but prank !Hahahhahahhahaha

From now on ,I started to think weird questions that will be asked to their partners whenever I bump into any couples
HAHAHAK blame on Yong lah wehh !:P:P

So ,after this when I already have one
I'd like to ask him ,"bro ,you dah kencing ?"
OMG !Still funny !Well ,maybe the joke came from Yong yang before ni macam serious jek .Hihik :P:P
Good job young lady !((=



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