Monday, September 7, 2009

Berbuka Beramai-Ramai

Aira ,Sara ,Murni ,Faiz ,Myraa ,I forgot her name :P ,Fathin

Fahmi ,Ayman kot ? ,Lya ,Aiman

Persiaran Taman Melati is where I berbuka puasa yesterday
Those are my friends yang finally I got the chance to meet them in person (;
But I couldn't meet Ridh cause dia tak balik )=
Orang penting plak tu weyh !:P:P

Anyway ,,ini dia orang-2nya ..Syak ,Mira ,Aleen ,Fathin ,Lya ,Myraa ,Hanis ,Izzul ,Helmi ,Gee ,Ben ,Ben's sister ,Fathin's sister ,Murni ,this girl which I dont know her name ,Sara ,Aira ,Azizan ,Fikri ,Norfaiz ,Faiz ,Myraa's boyfie ,Ayman ,Angah ,Arshad ,and Arshad's gfriend

Eventho its a lil bit crowded and I sweat like a pig .lol
But I had fun .Seriously .They were super duper friendly and FUNNY too
The best thing is they joke around like every single sec okaaaayyyy (((=
I just couldn't stop laughing =DDDD

Thanks for everything you guys
Especially to Syakirah's mother yang masak nasik lemak yang sedap .hakhak
Hope to see you again [[;

Gotta bounce out .Nite .


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