Thursday, April 2, 2009

Birthday Wish

Happy Birthday Daniel !

May all your wishes will come true

All the best in whatever you do

It's nice if we can celebrate your birthday but the fact that we're living in different daerah and your so far away from us

Miahahaha sorry bahh ;pp

Anyhow ,finals coming up ! everybody study like yeahhhh i think i need to be like them too .hahaha HOPE SO

all i'm doing rite here is updating my blog .Apetah Nurin ni kan .Hisykk ,,no pressure please !(:

I thought of going back to Ampang but I hate the fact that I need to take bus and lrt and then i have to walk lagi .Adoi sumpah letih .Plus ,i'm not gonna study while in Ampang .I might go online or something else .hehe

On the 4th I have 2papers dalam satu hari .Bm and History .Both are the boring-est subject and all I need to do is study but i dont have the mood to study .My head stucks with some other thangs .

Hehey ,ya'know what ?Tasnim said Ilyas is coming back to Kelantan .eh ke dah balik dah ?hehehe .how i wish i could fly over to Kelantan just to meet Ilyas kan ?Hadoihh kamu cumil amat weyh !(;

And yeah Mya said marissa and Amily are coming back around October .Amily ,i'll be in Tmn Tun just to meet you in October .Siap lah korg !heh heh ((=

Okay okay .I'm done with blogging .I think I need to study to score for this semester to cover all the mistakes that i've done last semester .hehe .Goodbye People .See you again on the 14th which is my last paper .wish me luck and all the best ,you guys !:D:D


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