Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gdbye Friend

Mya has gone to UK .Dammit !I thought shes off to UK tomorrow bah .Just now she sent me text message saying that shes off to UK and i received it around 11pm but then i read it at 1.30am .SHIT !i think she didnt manage to read my text msg .aww sob-sob :(

I'm missing my friends lah .Well ,Fye sent me text message saying that she missed me .Cool aint it ?We havent talked like before for about 1month cmtu and i thought shes not gonna miss me .hihi *blushing*

And I miss Fye ,Nad ,Macha ,Mya and Fizah already :(
I miss those moments when we played ghostbuster and we conteng-2 our muka
Lepak di court juga ku rindu !!
I miss it when I pleased them to ambek aku di bilik for lunch/dinner .heheh ;)
And now i have to wait for 3mnths for those moments and we're not gonna have any classes yang same for next sem kan ?Sedihnyaaaaa !:'(

Well well ,I started to miss my roomies ever since they went back to their hometown
The first to go back was syira .then sofia .Next day was ira
Few days after was ME ,Tasnim and Atika
I'm not sure about kak linda .I didnt even say goodbye kat die .hehe .sorry ;p

April 18th was the last nite we spent together .Next sem we're not gonna be in the same room anymore .Jyeahhh !haha ;pp
on the 17th ,we ordered domino's pizza and Yasmin spoilt everythang !i've told her no need to have dinner at mahallah cafe .we're gonna order pizza lah wehh !
See !tak dengar kate .rase nak pukul jek !heh !
Me and Atikah waited for them for about AN HOUR wehh !Gila lapar !
Anyhow ,i dont mind pun (: just enjoy the food lah kan :D:D

When i reached home ,man sgtlah lonely kan !
Cume ade mak ,bapak and me jek .I sleep at 5am and wake up around 2/3pm the next day tu .Haha .Itssa habit lah when i'm at home .sorry bapak for not teman-ing you gardening ;p

My hair suck !Everyday is a bad hair day for me !Benci btol !!!!!!!!!!X-(

Goodnite ,,


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