Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pissed off

I'm just so pissed off with my bm lecturer .She gave me C+ for finals and it's stressing me out .Gile ah kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn .Now I miss Harun Hashim :(

And oh ,,working people memang tido awal kah ?Like my mom ,Dina and my new friend Zhaf ?Everytime I text him like around 11pm cmtu ,he must be asleep during that time and he'll reply the next morning .And Dina ,she'll like "akak nak tido .bye" .When it comes to mak ,if i'm watching tv with her ,for the next 20mins mesti dah tido .that's funny .It scares me to be the grownups .HAHA ;pp

And blog ,my results suck !I think I need to take my short semester but still figuring it out =S
Should I take shortsem or should I not ?haihhh ,,


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