Thursday, October 1, 2009


Maahadians :D

God .I'm so tired with assignments ,presentations and quizzes
I was in the mood to read people's blog but after looking at those Raya entries that they posted berserta with colorful and interesting pictures ,terus keluar dari page diorang
Wich means I hate raya entries for now because I'm so stress with tons of work that need to be done within this month while i'm still in the raya mood .College student i guees ?=S

Anyway ,I met Fathy just now .She's eating sweets .Aint that sweet ?hahha :>
I didnt say hye to her because she was very eager looking at those colorful sweets and she makes me want to have something sweet right now .hah

Oh Muar ,I'm sorry I can't go back this weekend
I have replacement class on Saturday and Meeting on Sunday
Eh no ,wait .Is that meeting will be held on Saturday night ?
Gosh ,I don't know
Guess I need to check with Naqib again .gahhhh :((

I'm about to go to Istana Budaya to watch Cuci The Musikal with Rfq Kml
Erm .I don't think it's affordable
So better not to go with him .We're broke .hehe
Told ya I pick the date you choose the place kan .hisyk .degil .

Think I'd better off to bed by now because I need to get ready for tomorrow
Am gonna try my best to finish up all the tasks but well well I don't think I'll manage to do that in one day
Malas menyelubungi diri .hihi :P

Goodnight (:


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