Wednesday, October 29, 2008

exam fever weyyy

hola blog
i've just finished one paper which is rasok
oh thank God !
but i did not do well because i was confused with the questions
there were 4 questions and we only have to answer 3
but gila menyampah because question one is compulsory
mmg siud ahh kan
and aku pun terconfused ques 1 and 3
but i answered number 1 ,2 and 4
and i dnt know why aku jawab ayatullah tu kan
padahal aku x phm langsung pun
miahahaha ,lantak ahh
janji abes sudah 1 paper !whippie !!:DD

4 papers to go
adoihhh gila lambat nak abes kan =S
can't wait to abes finals because me and fye are planning to go to genting and sunway lagoon
nana and mal jek yg nak ikot rase ku ah kan

oh haloo people ,mari join us maa :D


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