Tuesday, October 7, 2008


happy raya ppl !
i only have one week to enjoy my raya .awwwwww its unfair yo because we can't even feel it with just one week cuti :((
i need at least 2weeks like USIM students .

this raya i got rm305 and i think it is more than enough because i didnt expect these much aku dapat :DD

and friends(bam ,mirot ,pa'in ,deen ,faiq and unexpected asri!) came on saturday ,beraya .whippie !i am lovin it !:D:D:D:D

THANKS very much you guys !

and we(me ,dina and hani) went back to hostel with munah and nur on sunday at 7am then we went to klcc and the mall to buy shoes seronok jua !:)
then reached hostel around 5pm and kemas katil ,pasang bed sheet sume then played computer games :D
at night nangis terus aku ini kerna HOMESICK gila babi :"(

the next day went to classes as usually rasok at 8am till 9am and then went to itd go online yo almost 10am ,
fiza called and said there was no class for psyche which is YAYY la kan ?:D

me and fazreena straight away went to jusco for shopping !!!:))

sorry munah ,i had to tipu you because i'm not in the mood to go to kl
penat aku ani oh !:S
at night faizze texted me ,only God knows how much i miss him wey :")
unfortunately ,he disappointed me which i dont wanna write it here ,thank you ^_^

today nothing's happen makan nasik berayani yang ku idamkannnnnn .heeeeee .GUMBIRA yo :'D
and dapat result prophetic :(

i need to study for caommunication punya second mid-term oh myyyy this lazy girl of me is fucking malas to study weyyyyy hopefully ,shurfa sits in front of me as she did during the 1st mid-term heh heh ;P
and i'm gonna take a deep rest after this maybe because i'm very tired
this rum8 of mine annoys me so much aku benci so ,aku perlu tidur hehe :)

and ohhhh azlin syahida ,
i would like to wish you happy belated birthday !!!(1st oct)
i did text you but i still wanna stated it here :D:D:D
i miss you lady !
but i dnt think ur missing me like i do ?:S
all the best for what ur reaching for okay ?
i'll always support you .ecehhh ;P
take care darling !
iloveyouuuuu <33



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