Friday, September 12, 2008


Haluuu blog ,,i miss you frigging much okayh ?you know what ,i think now I'm what you call bonding with reading stuff lah like FOR REAL yo !;D

Just now i spent about rm100++ untuk story books or novels or whatever they call it uh .HUREYH !!:))

I’m satisfied with it am i ?yeah i guess so because what else can i buy ,you tell me !=S

I bought Remember me ? by Sophie Kin Sella and ain’t she sweet by susan Elizabeth Philips .i’m not sure whether it’s a good story or not but i found it interesting which i can’t wait to finish them all weyyy =]]

Went out with fye untuk berbuka di burger king ,klcc around 6pm and i was not in the mood because this “senior” takot-takot kan aku tak sempat nk sampai sana before berbuka kan and fye ape lagi ,mengamuk lahh .well ,,you know lah die ,,salah die pun die makes people feel guilty as if IT IS our fault lah kan ?which of course NOT my fault !HER fault !she’s the one asked me to go out with his so called another-new-boyfriend eyy ?aku bet she’ll mengamuk again and gonna say “takpe lah nurin ,,lepas ni aku ajak fizah jek kluar ngan aku .kau marah-marah mcm ni aku tak sukalah ..” kalau she baca this post lah kan ;PP

You know what fye ,i think we both are wayyyyyyy too berlainan to be bestfriend or whtever !i don’t think we can bertahan with each other .sometimes it’s difficult to me to layan you .seems like you’re the same with the “gang-gang exclusive” tu kan plus ,mya .eventhough you always say YOU’RE NOT and you DENY it all the time but itu instinct lah beb !!=S
Let’s differentiate between me and fye kan or mungkin FYE versus NURIN ?mahnn ,for sure lah that lil girl menang kan ?:((

Things she ada and i don’t !=[

• She’s pretty and obviously i’m NOT !
• She’s hot and i’m totally NOT !
• Shessa skinny melon and imma fat brat !
• She has lotsa boyfriends and i DO NOT have any
• She’s friendly and i’m PENDIAM ?
• She knows how to communicate with people which i don’t have that ability
• She’s good in English which i’m fucking NOT
• Any baju fits her but me ,, i can’t fit a belt pun which SOB-SOB
• She has that confidence and mine is totally ZERO
• Everyone knows her but when it comes to me ,,me myself know people and they DON’T know me ogeyhhhh
• She’s such a Richie rich and what do i have ?NADAAA ,,NOTHING yo !
• She’s so into brand but me ,i don’t go for brands
• She knows everything .Nurin got nuthin .nuthin is in her otak ,BUDUH !
• She knows how to treat people like if the exclusive punya type cmna nak layan kan and for me ?i just don’t know how to treat them and how to be their friends
• Everybody likes her but when it comes to nurin ,everybody HATES her
• It can be concluded that she’s PERFECT and i’m such a loser !(like ppl always say to me “whateverMAJORloser”)

Ppl ,actually i dun really mind what do you guys think of me but i just want you to respect me as your friend lahhh ,,ambek lahh hati aku because serious aku cakap ,,aku dah TERAMAT SANGAT penat nak ambek hati org but those ppl yg aku ambek hati tu tak pernah nk appreciate .they even marah aku sbb x appreciate mereka .HELLO !!!tolong lahhh ,,pleaseeeeeeeee

THINK BEFORE YOU SAY !once you bwat aku cmtu ,i’ll revenge weyyy !try me !

That’s all folks !and to my family ,,imissyouuuguyssssooooomuchyymuch .this iium is just NOT ME !

Elite students lah ramai sini ,,aku pun naik pening and TERinfluence with them .URGH !!!pissed off !

Anyway ,to those yang TERbaca ini blogggg ,puhlezz don’t get mad and kecik hati because it’s my blog !i can say whatever i want !HEH :)

And untuk fye ,you know i love you and always rinduuu kau ,no need to mention because you know aku tak biasa begitu dengan kau .kena la control macho weyy :PP

And jangan mention ape2 pasal blog aku depan aku because SERIOUSLY I HATE IT !it’s my privacy !

So let’s just keep these to yourself lah kan ,thankyouuu very much !

Ciao ~


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