Tuesday, September 16, 2008

cintaaa !

eyt ,i miss my kakak-kakak !!:DD

fye :i need this thing so called woman-to-woman talk !;pp
fatin :i wanna go out with you ,you got that hm ?!
fizah :i think sister has to brainwash you for the second time ?HEHE
ida :i rinduuu same bilik dengan youuu :((
naz :doncha like missing me or smthang ?=S
mya :hey ,i think i wanna kidnap your emily lahh !:))
nana :feel free to go out with me ?HAHA
een :omigod !you bloody idiot !you totally forgot bout me eyh ?:"(
ali :mahnn ,your such a cutie !gdbye my lavh !=]]


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