Sunday, September 21, 2008


mahnn ,i'm so bored today like fucking damn shiat !!
i tidur for the whole day .of course lah after fardu ain class kan =S

i'm so pissed off with my fardu ain punya ustazah .
she lost hafazan punya list and i have to memorize another 6doa which is actually NOT !
i supposely finished all the surah and doa today yo but that ustazah is making me mad !
menyampah aku yo !dah kena hafal 6 lagi doa .cisss X-(

aku wireless di cafe mahallah safiyyah yaw
gila best which i DO NOT have to pay kat cc tu kan :(

then i'm downloading this cerita bunga berlakon yo :))

aku nampak gamba maryam ,shafy ,yana and shazwa(idk who) berbuka di loft kot .
wow nampak serunuk .hehe ;pp
having fun ey you guyss ?;DD

anyway ,i'm going to mid valley with ida and iefa tomorrow
best juga but how am i supposed to skip this pgg thingy yeah ?
what reason should aku create ?HAHA
or should i say i have a really fucking bad period pain ?
ahaaaa good idea yo !;DD

i've downloaded new software so-called photoscape .
nunu recommended kat aku waahh :))
so i editted few pics and it goes like this , the hasil :

and and i'm satisfied with it !:DD


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