Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Eh blog,

I miss qila so much. We haven't lepak for so looooong! I still remember me, qila, nabs and kazu lepak almost every night during short sem haritu. God I miss them! :(

So today, we went out for sushi! It's girls night out yaw! \(♥-̮♥)/ Nice la Nabs tak bawak kereta. Just nice -_-
No la, actually Nabs has issue with her car and everything. Susah kan orang banyak harta ni :/

We talked, we laughed, we makan, almost everything that we used to do together, we do it today! It's been awhile weh. Serious macam dah setahun tak jumpa. So loud, so hyper, so crazy. I just love it :')

My baby tweet pagi tadi about fird. Weh sumpah la sayu gila nak mati. Pity my baby :( I malas nak menyebok telling to stay strong and everything pasal I know everybody's worried about him and smorang macam concern la whatever. But still, I REALLY want him to get back to normal. I mean it's sad and everybody knows it. Somehow, you just have to face the fact that your friend's gone. Nothing else you can do except for doa and sembahyang kan. So yeah.
Hope you're doing fine there baby.

It's weird to call him baby kan. Like konon he's my boyfriend. Pfft! Memang tak la! :P
Saje gedik-gedik nak call him my baby cause orang kata if kita sebut banyak kali, nanti betol-betol jadi kan? LOL. Sumpah kenis nak mati! :P

So not in the mood to study. Sighssss.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hoi sape fird tu ha ?I miss you more nuns !tak boleh teerima hakikaat nx sem will be your last sem here :(
Nak hug kau puas puas nanti !

January 8, 2012 at 6:09 AM 

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