Monday, August 13, 2012

Merry Go Round

Pusing pusing macam gasing. Yesterday I went to Shah Alam with Jihan and Hani. Mula mula memang plan nak pegi Shah Alam je. But then, change of plan sikit cause I need to pick up my choc chip cookies that I've ordered from Munirah (tripletsplusone's mom)

The journey started from Gombak to Ampang - Petaling Jaya - Shah Alam - Kerinchi/Bangsar - Ampang - Gombak. Fuhhhh such a looooong day to me! Kalau I ni baby, I dah nangis sekuat hati because it's more than exhausted, panas, yet it's fun :D

We buka puasa at Seoul Garden Plaza Pantai. Jihan called for a reservation around 3pm camtu. Guess what! Dua Seoul Garden dah fully booked. Wow! We're soo surprised! Lesson learned: If want to make a reservation, better book early. Like pagi ke. Last last dapat tempat at Plaza Pantai. Phew!

Little did I know that Seoul Garden ada indoor and outdoor. Indoor tu normal. But outdoor? That's pretty rare man! ;)
Plus, diorang takda promotion during ramadhan pun. Just like Johnny's. Loser betol -_-

Enjoy the view people. Outdoor pun ain't that bad weh! :D

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